Black Widow

Black Widow is a new dark fantasy single from Aela Hopeful Monster. It was produced by Las Vegas producer Sultan Mir, with a fly 1940s documentary mix by Chicago artist Xception.

Photo by Le Jeune Frere & digital art by Aela Hopeful Monster (click for the full resolution version for download)

Black Widow

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

I’m tired of you hoes
this is it
no sequel
bite your tongue
spit it out
this is me
no equal
five for a dime
I’m that dime you can’t get on your line
It’s 9 a.m.
I’m about to hit my grind
see I’m,
one of a kind
a polymath
rap sass
Chicana scientist
kill some bitches real fast
you say you’re gutter
well, I’m upper class
lord, I slay
making men cry on their mama’s grave

What’d that hoe say?
You heard me
I spoke clearly
black and white
typeset my

I had to get that off my chest
hoes put my patience to the test
got me stacking bodies
undertakers look around to see
I brush it off easily
and I won’t atone
I forbid your gravestone
fired at your squad
they forgot
to hit the floor
see the coroner
rest in peace
while I rest in these
Scottish duvets
your favorite rapper
between my —
you know that bitch begged

So I said,
put this collar on
might let you stay
don’t think you’re getting away from me too easily
bitch please,
my smile bring Gs to their knees
better hit them beats or you’re on the streets
don’t forget you coat cuz it’s cold
no sympathy for hoes
leave your gold on the stove
and your keys
won’t be needing these
cuz honey
you’re lovely
but I’ll keep
eviscerating thee
while your cats keep
smiling at me

Ancient princess
siren of the sea
men drown to love on me
watch me turn to stone
when I hit your microphone
light your headphones
with cold shock
clip ya like a glock
daddy raised a fighting cock
I put a razor on my mic
make you look twice
then I tap your chin
you lean in
heavy breathing begins

My back seam stockings
hit the floor
his knees hit the floor
got this boy shook
controlled his body with
just one look
Goddess of the night keeps poison clutch tight
end your life
I was the last thing in his sight
a highest empress
seal this with a kiss
leave him motionless
cuz I’m the
snow on the back of this black winged crow
when I take flight
police will never know
that I’m….
I’m the black widow


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