Confession is the second single from Aela Hopeful Monster. It was produced by Las Vegas producer Sultan Mir, and it ends with a bang – featuring Chicago lyricist Xception (of Goal Music Group), who now creates out of Amsterdam.

Cover art by Aela Hopeful Monster (mixed media). Click the image for a high-res version of the art that can be downloaded.


[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

I know this 5’3″ little Poe-like emcee,
she hits C keys easily, lyrically, a killer bee.
I felt her sting and fresh tactics taking wing.

Yo, I blew ya brain that simple?!
You’re Abel, I’m Cain, kiss my pistol.
Queen of the damned, men whistle: she’s a clever nerd.
Word, I’m a fist full. I’m two fists and straight ruthless.

The truth is, I did my years of school.
Now I’m that little bird on the mic. I’m steady learning the tools.
I move quiet like midnight.
I love villainy. I love hitting rap, sodemy.
Ra-ta-tat-tat, I’m gonna make you bleed from your knees.
You wack celebrities fake shine glitter.
Bite her tongue, I’m your new true spitta; do this for fun.

See my intellectual property is contextual imagery.
Clever cunning in me, I ran with this G, he spits seamlessly, but never owning me, I’m free.
Boy here’s my key, come around. We’ll wake the town, spit our rhyme at the same time.
My grind, yes, you’re tasting fine wine, cuz I’m in my prime.

My boy’s over my place, steady ripping lace.
Pull me up over his face.
For the lord’s sake. Put me on that plate.
He let nothing go to waste.
S.M.H., he couldn’t even wait.
Oh wait, here’s where I confess, used him for sex and rap freestyle.
Cuz I love making rappers bow, doggy style.
Bend my back for a while.

Yo, my clip’s still full, you better hit that.
Where my girls at? We having a blast.
First on the list, cooking up our favorite dish:
French press, perky breasts and again I confess,
maybe used you for sex and rap freestyle,
but the best part is, I did both in my favorite dress: confess and sex.
Nonetheless, I saw the priest mental-snap of that ass.
First sin. Deep lake. Venom in.
Water snakes, we let ’em in.
They turned my kin to bone.
We will atone, write a song, till the pain gone.

My boy, he cast a spell.
He’s a tall tale with empty eyes.
He hits Henny; well, at least until his liver fails.

See your thoughts still blue, crew never knew, and too few do.
Hand me them boots, I’ll lace ’em for you.
Lace ’em like a noose.
We choose love and creative pursuits.
But I see your passion’s gone, your fire’s out,
you worked too long, without a doubt
My muse, hand me them boots, pass the flask until we hear the gun blast [pop].

[Lyrics by Xception]

attack mode is the modus it’s blowing over the oceans to open focus and sew us into the seams / meaning clothing or seeing we reaching over to being free in the whole of our breathing and bringing dreams / deemed, inappropriate fuck it we holding hoping and clutching knowing it’s broken we towing it to the scene / King, Queen singing the serenade of air and waves tearing out the cave for better days it’s clean / set the table we able ready it’s steady it’s stable staples of life in our love demons and angels / proper angles on that track / and creeping over the cracks / we keeping it with the pack / believing it ’til we back / receiving it from the hack / deceivers we got that axe / we seekers reaching for facts / these teachers feeding us crack / but chill we down the build the body is all here we will / making it clear for all ya’ll to feel

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