Don’t Fuck With Lovely

Don’t Fuck With Lovely (DFWL) is a dark new single from Aela Hopeful Monster produced by Grolok Panicrum, who brings those French home-cooked hip hop / boom bap beats. Aela Hopeful Monster teamed up with NYC visual artist Jeune Frere to create the horrorcore short film DFWL.

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Don’t Fuck With Lovely

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

Just nightmares again
they come and visit
and pretend to be my
long lost friends
Little girl won’t you take my hand, I’ll
make you feel like your chest is
collapsing in
Oh not so fast,
we can see you run
another night and you’ll provide our sweet fun
Haven’t you learned, your run,
it’s a crawl
we control the pace here, the ground and the walls

Close in on you,
no one can love you like your nightmares do
we’re always with you
On those nights
no lover by your side
just cold fright
dark of the night
we’re always in sight
he can hold you tight
but he won’t know that
deep inside we’ve captured your glow
toss it all about in jest
when the morning comes
we might just give you
a little bit of rest

Come pick your poison
You’re going to get the sword and the staff
hot coals again
I wanna play with your hair
flowers in there
we know you love our
hands everywhere
Soft petals on your skin I
might wanna crawl in
Don’t try to deny me once again
Bat wing leather
I want your hands in a tether
I love your waist
it’s, oh so slender

Go fuck yourself
without my crazy mind
you’d be stuck still
rotting in hell
you think you got the keys to my cell
well check again
I’m the crazy bitch who lured you in
Walk over to my wall
I promise you’ve never seen
such devices before
physical torture
a luxury
compared to what you get when you come try to play with me
Don’t try to fuck with me
Unless you want to see me bleed your soul

Till you’re an empty mass
black hole
Put acid in your eyes
Peel your skin off
Till they cauterize
see your surprise
You’re a nightmare
but I’m everywhere
I’m the moonlight at night
Low lux but bright enough
To rip your heart in full sight
I take revenge men creepin’ under womens’ skin and
this your
day of reckoning

Fuck ya face
you better get listening
I taped myself screaming that night
to lure you in
You thought, oh, what a pretty sight 
so delightful
But what you didn’t know
I had cold steel hooks for your intestine
Now I’m diggin’ in
Fillet em with some lox
Numb ya tongue with coca leaf
For when you bite it off
Bleeding never stops
No relief
I’m illegal poem taping
My hooks be raping

Your skin
bet you’ll think again
before you fuck with women
trying to get in
Now you landed your eternity
torture endlessly
Don’t fuck with lovely,
cuz then you’re gonna be fucking with me
Come over here and see.

Cover photo taken by Aela Hopeful Monster. Blood of a vampire bat as seen under a microscope.

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