Heart of Queens

A single rose: Aela Hopeful Monster & Eddie Word of The Almighty NRP bring you Heart of Queens; released Valentine’s Day 2018 as a poem of love for all of the uplifting and supportive women who bring light into our lives.

Heart of Queens

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

Just sitting here remembering,
Remember when
we were just little pups
and a quarter for lunch
was the ultimate come up
Now we only get a
weekend now and then
but you’re still my best friend
I’ve got you to the end
Never pretend,
always straight shooting
Kickin’ truths,
lies worse than
verbal abuse we knew
growing up
few backed me like you do
an outcast I was then
but you chose to be my friend

That was powerful then
and this is powerful now
you told me to stay sweet somehow
Though this world is a bitter dark place
the women in my life
navigate with pure grace
Growing up the pain that they carried
but they held their heads high
to do what was necessary
Mom cried
while dad ran the streets
looking for his gun
God why’d he marry me?

some may say
I’m prone to walk away
two divorces
may seem that way
But peace to you
cuz, no man’s lies
are worth all this good that I’ve got inside
I won’t lie
I’ve run with a boy
But I’ll only love a man who
who drowns out the noise
Trying to learn
not to judge myself
I kick life, like a can down the street
Yo, I feel like hell

Trying to learn not to judge others too
I said hoe the other day
then bitch, who are you?
Seas are rocky and
you can’t know for sure
how hard the wind bangs against their shores
Some days I’ve got to check myself,
remember grace shown when my cards were dealt
My mom and girls played me their queen of hearts
So I could pass that bitch
and play my own cards

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Art by Aela Hopeful Monster. Mixed media: pencil on paper, photography, charcoal on paper, and digital painting. Click for high resolution for download.