I’ve Gotta Go

I’ve Gotta Go is a biting new single from Aela Hopeful Monster (she is working some sh*t out). Produced by one of Aela Hopeful Monster’s longtime favorite up-and-coming producers, Belgian producer Johnny September. I’ve Gotta Go is available on all streaming platforms.

I’ve Gotta Go

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

Picking up my bags

like that first 40 oz

Got to get out

this motherfucking house

I’ve Gotta go so bad

I’m bout to bounce

Every last second counts

Feel like I’m ’bout to drown

All those goodbye tears shed over so many years

When I loved him dear

fell on deaf ears

Till his tears

Buried all my fears

his suicidal years

The porn

The scorn

hate for those not born

With the same as you

privilege few

If you only knew

How caustic you grew

Never said “I do”

mother said

Girl I tell you

Loyalty is true

only in a few

I was taught

To stick it out

Unless you want that leather belt

Cast fear in this child

All the while

I grew stronger

Could take the whip

a little longer

See I

learned to bite my tongue

Let it bleed long

Go numb

Now I

smile as that next whip’s about to come

No longer a child

I don’t wait for it

I grab the whip by the grip

Snap it

Clap thunder tips at it

Call my unicorn

We dip

My chariot

it’s lit

My independence

Yo, keep your Latina porn

And watch this A1 move on


Bitch I’m done

To all of you

Who lost a bad one

This is for you

Cuz bitch were through