Bay Area producer Eddie Word and Aela Hopeful Monster pair up again to bring you a lesson in Juxtaposition – A.H.M.’s spin on grimy bars over lovely beats.



[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

Spit on you fakes
While you’re down there, how bout you tie my lace
You never heard
Here’s a quick lesson then
Count to ten
Hear the sweet beat
got you thinking of stars
While you’re over here chopping up your teeth on my bars like a teet
Kill sweet – cutthroat
You’re doing the most
In a few years you’ll call me the goat

Sail boat
I’m the wave you’re riding
Cold like drives bys and the
cold in ya throat
I cure colds
You a fungal mold
I’m the illest story every told
Everything I touch turns to gold
I’m Rumpelstiltskin
Weaving these bars
nighttime marauding
I’m shooting up stars
What you think of that fat lip
cuz you couldn’t respect my facts

I’m done talking my shit
If you’re done taking your lick
Real quick though
Where’d your girl go
heard she’s fucking your last hoe
baby momma out of control
That’s what’s gonna go
down when you only love the dough
tend to your bankroll
I can’t fuck with that
shit whack
Gonna be right back
I hear a tap tap
I might need to go handle that