Listen to the waves

The first single, Siren, from Aela Hopeful Monster


[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

Brown bone
Arrows flow
Fly Cupid’s bow
We in that undertow
You got that afterglow
Doe eyes
Cast away to shore
I’m begging for more
afore-mentioned smile
you got me going wild
Buck wild, in fact
A little child-ish
Need an ass slap
Then a kiss
Coming through
You’re delicious

Your siren’s home
Poem of the sea
You set your sight at me
Easily go free
Set the stars alight
I won’t fire fight
We can chase the night
And ask the dark to stay
Or just run away
let me be your lotus
Metals burning all my focus
Sun soak us
Night cloak us
You’re the dopest
My heart broke,

Robin Goodfellow
Sweet butter and tallow
Wanted him to stay
So he got pushed away
bottom of the sea
Weed wrapped
around my knees
Can’t breath
Air’s supposed
to be free
Not for me
Take me to shore
Drown no more
Wings alight
Come at night
But I see you adore
waves on them distant shores

So of course
My jealousy’s galore
Let’s explore anger
You finger banged her
empty plane hanger
Wire beat banged her
Slang’s her
Not many
Words To say
Fuck did you do to me
That’s okay
You’re no longer my Bae
I still slay
Close my eyes
See fireflies, summer skies
take a J-E-T to L.A.
And I seize every day

Next topic
Let’s drop it
and lock it away
If not good for me
I choose another day
pain’s a fleeting thing
But one thing pain brings
is humanity, if not bringing
you to your knees
Wondrous being
All seeing
Me leaning
On you for love
Silk glove
Cold revolver
Riddle solver
White rabbit
Make him my jacket
Light this place
until we hit the casket

Lock and load
We buy gold
on every block
That’s the modern lock
and chain
Feet shackled
Witch cackles
Behind masks of sweet freckles
And Jordan’s
And whips
And all the smooth tricks
make our kids
bite their lips
And wish
They were rich
new favorite dish
Is low self-esteem
But I wish
The world were soft
Just Like a kiss
then I saw that kiss was poisonous

I’ll leave this here on just a note
Be gentle cuz you just don’t know
What others go through
And if they hurt you
They’re probably more blue than you knew
Deep down
Emptiness hallow sounds
Forgiveness is a must be
Sets your mind free
Sets your soul singing
I don’t believe there’s more to life than this heart beating
Most beautiful thing
smiling when it’s fleeting

-the end-

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Cover art by Aela Hopeful Monster (digital painting). Click the image for high-res version that can be downloaded.