Love Too Much

Love Too Much is a single from a Aela Hopeful Monster produced by Belgian producer Johnny September.



Love Too Much

[lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

That’s my free day

the one I let get away

battle of the century

shut the fuck up

there’s only one man who can keep me clutch

He was on my mind

when I head this the first time

two years this June

now he’s out somewhere chasing on the moon

he’ll back soon

not to me

not to you

he’s meant to pierce the blue



My arrow

pray I shot it right

that’s what love is right

adore from afar

like the moon in the night

I heard myself cry



I bottled it up

love too much

Is there such

a thing

chansing a dream

too hard

wish on this star

you love hard

whatever you do

most precious gift life could give to you


but a dream

i’s never what it seems

ignorant bliss

for the hopeless

for the foolish


the monster in me


I rather be a foolish thing

then the cold gipping me

so hard

I bear my scars

rip them ajar

and paint them with char-

that coal from when my heart was burned by oil


I painted the sky

shooting the stars across my eyes

the moon laid across my thighs

I got the curves of the clouds just right

rain dripping from the sky

when I thought of my love last night

never wanted to open my eyes.