Lovers to Bed

Cover art by Aela Hopeful Monster. Collage photo credits: Used under Creative Commons License, photos from Flickr artists: phototina, DiegoMedeiros, and Mykola Vynogradov.


Lovers to Bed is the debut EP from Aela Hopeful Monster. The moon chases the sun across the sky over the course of five tracks. Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and paintings by John William Waterhouse, the theme of the project is a poem:

“The moon and the sun were once lovers

He treads each night

Searching for her,

by dim lantern light”



  1. Flowers (prod. by Nicholas Craven)
  2. Mimosa Lessons I (prod. by Stu Bangas)
  3. Mimosa Lessons II (prod. by STLNDRMS)
  4. Tsetse Fly (prod. by Sultan Mir)
  5. Tallow (prod. by $aveme)

All lyrics can be found [here] on the lyrics page. Mixed and mastered by Xception, lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster. You can stream the album on all streaming platforms.

You can purchase the CD through Amazon by clicking the image below: