My Favorite

French composer Mofak and Aela Hopeful Monster bring you their Spoken-word X Funk collaboration My Favorite. My Favorite was first released as an instrumental on the 2016 album Liquid Neo Funk. Now Aela Hopeful Monster shares what initially began as a freestyle one June morning and evolved into a free verse song.
Cover art by Aela Hopeful Monster. Acrylic on canvas. Click image to download high resolution image.


My Favorite

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

Beautiful like
mornings in June
April in bloom
Sex at noon,
and I pity the moon,
cuz he went down too soon – missed me swoon
Mornings in bed, eyelids, heavy as lead
My boy’s spending the night
Kissing my thighs, Damn it’s been alright – it’s nice
Kiss me twice – under firelight
Hit me twice – burning candlelight
Let’s make it thrice

I’d love to date ya,
never hate ya or forsake ya
Jealous at times, though logic is mine
I just want us to rhyme with no hassle
Building my castle
setting stone by stone
Boy, get in that room
We be on and on – like the rain in June
My flowers will bloom

My boy’s in my bed – Winter is dead
ticktock – Spring’s ahead
No need for alarm clock
Night’s just begun – let’s pity the sun
Just want us to rhyme – just one more time
Let’s just be – just you and me
Let’s just rhyme – just one more time

so now you’re tapped out,
guess I, just got to bounce
No need to get out of control
We can take it slow
this ain’t an end-all

were still cool yeah
Love to be with you,
see straight through you
Got me in a rabbit hole – chasing my soul
At the count of three – meant to be
On a lily pad, I want to dance
You take my hand – I put on a jam
On a wave we can – walk long, sway slow
to the beat, feeling me

I’m your favorite girl, I’m your ocean’s biggest peal
Well we gotta see – cuz I, I mostly do me
Let’s press reset – you hit it
I brought my match – you lit it
This the end of the set
Let’s see, how far you’re gonna get it
What’s this I hear – I’m ya favorite girl
We can talk about that

I’m your favorite girl
sitting tight
hair all a curl
Gonna chill and slay the nights away
just stay with me
Music in my headphones
Sun rays beat down
Clear my mind
On my grind – then quiet time
this day’s mine

Wishing you near sometimes
Don’t want to count text – see ya next month
You miss me
All you gotta say, is what you doing Bae?
We’re gonna ride the silver night – bath in moonlight
Yes it’s tight – I’m Like the string of a kite
Let slack go – out of control
Now you know – I’m your favorite girl
I’m your favorite girl