Steel Tipped Dove

Steel Tipped Dove is the third single from

Aela Hopeful Monster

Art by Aela Hopeful Monster. Watercolor & acrylic on paper. Click the image for full-resolution art for download.

Steel Tipped Dove

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

Free falling
has got me feeling like autumn.

Float from the sky,
we all hit the bottom.
But that bottom’s
got me looking back up
to blue skies, real high
Scream I don’t give a fuck.
my logic at times is pathological.
My only goal,
loving on the seasons.
It’s open season,
broken hearts,
shoot your poison darts up to the stars.

I’m steel like:
tips on a dove in a cock-fight.
I just might
bring my sparrows out tonight.
This light
arrow might clip ya.
Blood is on your lip now.
Boy sit down,
didn’t your father teach you not to cry
I see those tear
welling up in your eyes.
Oh my,
I keep my
tears on the inside.

I keep my tears on the inside.
They’re untapped like a diamond mine.
I used mine
to shoot my arrow to the stars,
I wrote some bars,
and loved my boy from afar.
Oh wait,
here he is, pulling up
fly new fancy car,
beats blasting,
now we’re smashing,
I go fast then.
Pull me in
close to your chest
bite my lip again.

Oh fuck, I’m about to digress,
love this boy
better than the rest,
common sense,
here’s my two pence:
already know
he’s got the
flyest flow
outta control
just like my ——
Where’d it all start?
Hotel rooms,
ordering in
Do we really got to watch Narcos again? (Damn)
I pretend to be bothered
but nothing could be farther from the truth…

Cuz I love:
kickin’ it
talking shit
acting slick
cuz we click
like that automatic clip
you keep in your whip.
you know I be
speaking metaphorically.
See What you do to me.
It’s a vibe
ain’t even gotta try,
always on our grind.
In due time,
we’ll kick it again

The hustle won’t end,
but we’ll find
moments now and then.
But for now I pretend,
this moment’s never gonna end.
Hard to keep my
feet on the ground,
they wanna wrap around you.
Was that you
that turned my skies blue?
When I looked up
screamed I don’t give a fuck.
Now you wish me luck.
Off to my grind,
kick back,
spit a rhyme,
hit it one more time.
Damn, he’s fine,
wanna curl them locks in these fingers of mine.

But we’re out of time,
so I say goodbye.
In due time
I’ll catch you in time
sitting in the sun,
where this began,
beats blasting
never bout smashing.
Only sounds I hear
under my breath:
words you may never hear.
Play my cards close to my chest;
love this boy better than the rest.

Common sense,
here’s my two pence:
already know
he’s got the
flyest flow.
He’s my arrow,
I let my arrow go.

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