Keeping it fresh with some whipped cream on the mic.


[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]


you know we got this
when ya girl on the track
you know we got this

whipped cream on my mic
you know I got it
locked up tight
boy wanna spend the night

bitch better
keep his verses right
cuz I’d rather be loving on my mic
hitting rap sodomy

sent him home
with dreams, fairy wings on my back
face too pretty – my
ass ain’t in the air like that

fish nets torn
mama said when you were born
the moon ripped the sky
brought a tear
to Poseidon’s eyes

—-that’s how—-
he filled the sea

—-that’s why—-
waves are so pretty

—-that boy—-
our first kiss on the beach
heartbreak was meant to be
men aren’t meant for little things like you and me

I need a find a god of the sea
to love the sylph I be
move on the winds
carry them from the ocean
to lovers locking endless motion – hoping
this spring
loving my G
soft hands bleeding a pen
I might catch my heart then
told you I’m taking that shit out
brought tears to Poseidon’s eye
loving my man by fire light
boy, you can come spend the night