Voodoo Lily

Every five years the tiger striped petals of the Voodoo Lily will blossom. They say the flour of her stem has the power to heal the sick. She carries the souls she’s saved within her. The smell of their avoided death gives fragrance to this carrion flower. No bee, butterfly of moth will draw near, only greedy flies, seeking rotting flesh, will visit to pollinate her seed.

  • A.H.M.

Track list:

1. Ketamine prod. by ORBT x Friká

2. Doing Tonight prod. by Tino Hitz

3. Paper Cuts prod. by Dōmchi 

4. G.O.O.D. prod. KAISHEN & Nezha 

5. Ashanti Spider Tales prod. by KAISHEN

6. Becoming A Lone Wolf prod. by Dōmchi

7. Lights prod. by Mistah 211 

8. Love is Blind prod. by Roman Martinez 

9. Velvet Fisted Glove prod. by Juzzbox

10. Never Told prod. by Mistah 211

Mixed & Mastered by Kadin Yeahmon