What I Need

What I Need is a spring freeverse dedicated to all those who love to climb trees.



What I Need

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]

(oooo hooo hoo

oooo hooo hooo 

oo oo oooooo)

The wind has got me thinking of what it means to me to need 

but I don’t need anything

But the trees

the deep hollows and the forest path

I might follow this and hope the smell of moss lasts

Long after I take my last breath

sweet reckoning

is when I realized, nature doesn’t need me

but I love it

the other day I found an apple seed

grew into a tree for me, cuz I love to climb trees

now I’m sitting up here perched

with my other little birds

Have you seen, the tail on the 

tufted manakin?

He can

handle his own

dancing to that Michael Jackson song:

Billie Jean 

What the ladies need

pimps will bring

But all I need, 

are the honey bees, flowers and the trees

little bird beat your drum

make my booty hum all spring long

dancing to my favorite song

all I need

are the birds, and the bees

the flowers and the trees