When The Rain Bled My Stars Deux

When The Rain Bled My Stars Deux is the second dark short-form mixtape from Aela Hopeful Monster. Fully produced by London-based producer Dōmchi, it combines Hopeful Monster’s emotionally raw bars with Dōmchi’s heavy underground beats.

Becoming A Lone Wolf

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]


That’s where it is

becoming a lone wolf

ain’t easy to do

pack turns on you

nips at your feet

they think

not enough to eat

but you know how to chase those streams


Be the wild thing

that catches silver beams

runs through the falls

falls hard

learns from dreams

Even if it seems

night’s an endless being,

it can’t take those things

you don’t let it see


Go feel the flint

let it cut your feet

hit your cheek

bring you down

let it make you weak

if it’s crippling

get on your feet

you gotta get up

go run those streams


Be the wild thing

that catches silver beams

runs through the falls

falls hard

learns from dreams

Even if it seems

night’s an endless being

it can’t take those things

you don’t let it see


Count your blessings

pack wasn’t good for you

even when they were kind

growls still came through

never thought your pack

would be the one ripping

shreds out your back


a bitch like that

I smile right back

howl at the moon

fuck your god too

it’s not easy for

creatures as strange as me and you

If these words ring true

no one will believe that we move how we move


Let your light shine through

pierce the night and the moon

coming hard for those stars

birthed to kill ’em

from afar

Let that nebula bloom

Here’s my farwell


Fucker, you can go to hell


Maybe not

I change my mind a lot

that’s the beauty of free choice and thought

you though

you can take that from me

I’ll let you think what you want

just please, just let me be


To be the wild thing

crashing mud and streams

feel the wind in my hair

I hear the willows sing

that’s the spren in me

chasing sents

hellbent on seeing that

cliff till the end


I hit that water fall

let it splash me hard

let the mud turn to bars

I’m crystal clean

I’m the moonbeam

you didn’t take a thing

what I give

I give willingly

Paper Cuts

[Lyrics by Aela Hopeful Monster]


I was young

heart opened up

Now it’s shut

full of thousands 

of paper cuts


Bled too much

Filled a cup

drank it up

threw it up

Now it stains my rug 

Bleach it out

Then roll it up 

threw it out

drove away 

back of a truck


scream and clutched

At the dust

On my feet 

and my knees


I’m strung out

Hung out to dry

Like my rug 

in the yard 

of some stange guy


He drove by

Ignored my cry

Saw the rug 

Now it’s his

Just my luck

Glass half full

What’s a girl to do?

on the wall

a great fall 

Is coming soon 

Paper cut

Sew it up

Is there such, a thing

as loving too much?

Now I sit 

Every night

Wonder why

I ever played 

with that fire 

Love on walked by

Blinked my eye 

Let him go

Only know

miss my arrow

Heart stopped then

oh please,

Let me pretend:

I’m not empty

Or a fool

Or drownin’

So are you

Sitting alone

Write a song

Paint at night

Spray the sky


Wolf is I

The only sounds:

drips from my jowl 

My tears fell 

every night 

as a howl


Coming around

To the sound

Of my 

death howl



That’s the sound

Of my flesh wound

paper cuts coming from you

coming too soon

I would have loved you 

I was true

Not fake as

as you accused

What’s left to say

wouldn’t do you that way

I’ve made many a mistake 


The pains I stake

Into the heart I make

Out of red clay

Gave to you it right away

now, what can I say?

I love hard that way

Fools rush in

My little tin


I’m getting older

But I’m still

The paper doll

Danced free from the wall

Into the stove 

Wouldn’t let her love die alone

that’s where it all began

won’t pretend

I am any different from then


my heart sees no end

many years have passed

the heart of me does last


tin soldier

my heart did smoulder

the flesh wound

quick coming from you


21 didn’t know my heart was gold

paper cut is my story untold

let it unfold

paper note


about the one

on whome I dote

he’ll never know


bleeding heart bears the scare

vodoo lilly

oh so pretty

caustic chemical 

the smell

of rotting wounds 

the carrion in you

scent of a man with demons inside

they can only hide 

so long


I thew him up

then let it flush

into the mud

acrid taste 

polluted the river

I’m never touching 

fire again

love my hands

I’ll bring my chained axehound around


emotional being

That’s what your seeing

I’m the spren on the wind 

when human emotion begins

freeze the breath as it leaves you last

the silent sound

the howl 

that rang out

from the forest at night


rabidness sets in

my jowl drips again

My tears fell 

every night 

as a howl


In Disembowl 

My death howl

My tears fell 

every night 

as a howl